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These Companies are Growing with Lotus Growth:

Accelerate Your Growth Marketing

Demand Generation

Generate Demand for your products with the right strategy for your target customers


Own your space with organic search results in the markets that matter.

Paid Search

Appear exactly when your customers are searching for the solution you offer.


Know which campaigns your opportunities and deals are coming from

Marketing Automation

Expert marketing automation for customized marketing program.


Retain prospects and nurture leads through the funnel.

About Lotus Growth

Lotus Growth is a marketing and demand gen consultancy for Silicon Valley B2B software companies. Our clients are marketing for the first time, launching new products, or going through huge growth transitions. As your partner in growth marketing and demand generation, we help you achieve your ultimate goal: more happy customers.

Our job is to identify and implement the strategies that will get you to your growth targets and set your company and set you up for ongoing success. We’re your partners in growth, no matter the challenge.

Growth Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

A Prescriptive Guide for Marketing Leaders

The Personal Sales Approach Transformed: Northland Control’s Case Study

When Northland Controls expanded their services for high-growth startups, they knew they needed to engage with marketing to reach their growth targets. Lotus Growth took Northland Control’s personal, one-on-one sales approach, and with the right strategy and tactics scaled it to reach thousands of prospects through inbound and outbound marketing. Read the case study here.

Northland Controls Case Study

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