Campaign Optimization, Demand Generation and Marketing Operations

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Demand Generation

Leverage our experts to build, test, manage, and optimize your multi-channel digital campaigns to increase efficiency and drive down costs.

Marketing Operations

Cut through the chaos and create optimized processes to increase lead visibility and provide better marketing results.


Become data driven. Connect front-end digital campaigns to pipeline and revenue, and prove your marketing ROI.

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Lotus Growth is a new kind of digital agency. We connect front-end multi-channel campaign optimization to back-end pipeline. Unlike traditional digital marketing agencies, we bring B2B best practices to the table to connect your entire pipeline to marketing ROI. Instead of hiring multiple, disconnected agencies, we do it all: from digital campaign optimization and management to marketing operations. Fast and efficiently.

On-Demand Services:

In between marketing hires or in need of fast results? Our demand generation experts can jump in quickly to the deep end of your marketing automation and marketing campaigns to drive results when you need them most. We increase your team’s bandwidth to hit your goals and get it done yesterday.

Foundational Services:

We help you audit, align and develop your demand generation strategy, marketing operations, and attribution to drive measurable pipeline over time. Our experts instill demand generation best practices to clean up your pipeline and achieve your long-term growth goals.