About Lotus Growth

Growth marketing + demand gen for B2B tech startups

We have a background working with early stage startups and bring agile methodologies to mature tech companies. We enable teams to work better, fail faster, and succeed more.

The problem we never stop thinking about is: How do companies grow? How do we move the needle as companies scale? How do we turn companies into standout leaders  in increasingly competitive environments?

Growth without strategy is unsustainable and expensive. It involves more than releasing campaigns, spending through the budget, and praying for the best; real growth comes from a clear vision coupled with thoughtful and iterative execution.

The executives we partner with are talented visionaries leading their companies to the next level.

They know when their internal resources are not enough to make it through a transition while producing significant growth. They enlist our expertise to take the burden of demand generation off of internal teams so they can focus on the day-to-day challenges of running marketing and sales departments. One thing is always the same — they want to transform their businesses from middle-of-the-pack contenders to market standouts.

Our process is different from most agencies. We work closely with our clients, as a

We know growing your company is more than just optimizing one channel or campaign — it’s about aligning teams, content and campaigns towards one common goal: more happy customers.

part of their teams, to understand their unique vision and customers. This enables us to facilitate alignment between management, sales and marketing teams and ensure that leads generated by inbound and outbound efforts are in target.

We first develop a customized strategy to solve immediate problems and get a marketing program up and running fast. Next, we develop long term strategies while experimenting constantly to evolve marketing strategy in real time. We eliminate waste at the campaign and team levels to ensure that marketing budgets are delivering results.

Our job is simple: getting businesses to their growth goals. Smart marketing is always evolving; it’s not set in stone.

No marketing agency has all the answers, but the good ones know how to find them.

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535 Mission Street
14th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105




High- tech B2B products, software, security.


6 months to 1 year


Inbound marketing, paid search, demand generation, SEO, nurture campaigns, Hubspot, webinar production

Lotus Growth Traditional Agency
Focus Growth Focused Awareness Focused
Channels All Channels One Channel
Vertical Specialty B2B Software All
Skills Tactical and Strategic Tactical
Goal Demand Generation Traffic
Customization Highly Customized Standardized

Lorin McCain
Growth Marketing Manager
Meagan French
CEO + Founder

With a background in social media and content marketing, Lorin has spent several years helping entrepreneurs develop brand and market clarity, and then translate that knowledge into action with powerful marketing strategies. She eventually launched Vrtical, a marketing agency that helps small B2B companies do exactly that — on a larger scale. As Marketing Manager at Lotus Growth she brings the same level of focus on clarity and sustainability to enterprise-level growth hacking.

Lotus Growth evolved from a one-woman growth hacking shop in 2014 to a team of dedicated growth marketers. Founder and CEO Meagan French has a background working with agile early-stage startups, as a growth consultant (before growth hacking was cool). She brings lean thinking to every client Lotus Growth works with.