Checklist: The 10-Point Technique for Totally Optimized Content

  • ✓ Create focused content to cut down on editing time
  • ✓ Optimize your content for SEO, conversion and more
  • ✓ Beat your competitors
  • ✓ Turn casual visitors into leads

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This companion checklist to our blog post, The 10-Point Technique for Totally Optimized Content condenses the key takeaways from the post in a quick, printable checklist format. Use it to optimize every piece of your content marketing for search, conversion rate and more.


Create relentlessly customer-focused content to increase social sharing, conversion cut down on editing time.

Optimized for SEO

Optimize your content for organic search and conversions to save your team time, money and resources.


Overtake your competitors in search by creating better quality, more optimized content and turn casual visitors into leads.