Demand Generation Standup

Creating powerful first time marketing programs for B2B tech companies

Program Overview

Lotus Growth’s Standup grows your customer base before you invest in a full-time marketing team. We create the infrastructure B2B companies need to reach their growth targets and scale their marketing pipeline.

Lotus Growth’s Demand Generation Standup enables you to build the infrastructure, marketing campaigns, collaboration tactics and content to reach your target market, fill your pipeline and reach your sales goals, even if you’ve never had marketing before.

Many companies offer a great product and a team of talented inside sales reps, but are missing one crucial piece — a marketing pipeline to sustain sales.  Marketing takes the burden of demand generation off the inside sales team so that they can better focus on what they’re good at: closing deals.

A marketing pipeline is the engine that consistently produces leads and growth. We take a “build/measure/learn” approach to scale personal sales approach and scale to reach thousands of marketing qualified leads.

We are experts in experimenting with the right campaigns for your business. We pinpoint the channels that produce the most in target leads, while discarding the ones that do not. We build the the foundation for scalable, sustainable growth and a full pipeline.

Real growth depends on much more than big-budget ad campaigns. Lotus Growth enables your teams to develop clarity around your target, align sales, marketing, dev and creative teams, create content that resonates, and develop and optimize campaigns that draw MQLs to your site.

Our Marketing Standup program is designed with your bottom line in mind, closing more deals with happy customers. We shift the burden of finding qualified leads from sales to marketing, creating the sustainable and scalable marketing pipeline to grow your business.


  • Database Cleaning
  • Full Funnel Tracking
  • Marketing Infrastructure
  • Hubspot
  • Competitive and market intelligence
  • Campaign and channel audits

We Find the Right Channels for Your Business

How Lotus Growth Created a First-Time Marketing Program for Northland Controls

Northland Controls is the leader in security services for Silicon Valley enterprises. Lotus Growth took Northland Control’s personal, one-on-one sales approach, and with the right strategy and tactics scaled it to reach thousands of prospects with marketing. We created the sustainable growth engine to fill Northland Control’s pipeline to meet their goal of closing 15 deals by the end of 2015.