Marketing Optimization

Accelerating Existing Growth Marketing and Demand Generation

Program Overview

We help big tech companies make game-changing transitions to accelerate growth

Navigate through challenging company transformations and accelerate growth with our Marketing Engine program. This program is built for companies who need to optimize and expand their existing marketing.

You may be working your way through a Big Business Decision — a company rebranding, a reorganization, a new product, or a new venture into unfamiliar verticals. You’re transforming your company from a middle-of-the-pack contender into a stellar market leader. You know exactly where your company needs grow, but you’re missing the strategy, tactics, and top-level expertise needed to execute.

Lotus Growth clarifies the road to success.  Our Marketing Engine Program identifies new target customers, diagnoses marketing problems, identifies bottlenecks with your current sales and marketing programs and develops inbound and outbound strategies to address the urgency of the short term, while transforming your demand generation in the long term.

Our Marketing Optimization Engine provides the infrastructure you need to achieve your vision and make it through this Big Business Decisions and accelerate growth.

CEOs entering into this exciting stage know they cannot complete this transition alone. They rely heavily on internal teams but also understand the need for extra support during this critical time. That’s the thing about a Big Business decision — it’s scary but a necessary transition for owning your space and dominating your market. Lotus Growth is the growth partner to get you there.


  • Marketing Diagnostics
  • Demand Generation
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Nurture Marketing
  • SEO and SEM
  • Growth Marketing

The Lotus Growth Approach to Demand Generation

Lotus Growth sales funnel

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