9 Totally Optimized Landing Page Templates

  • Optimize your website for all marketing channels
  • – Conversion Rate Optimized
  • – Optimized for SEO
  • – 9 Common B2B Templates

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There are many elements to consider when optimizing a website or landing page. Few marketing templates take all channels and conversion rate optimization into account. These templates can help shape your SEO strategy and convert the traffic coming in from organic search, referrals, social media and paid campaigns into leads.

Conversion Rate

These templates are conversion rate optimized to give you a website that attracts, engages and converts your traffic into leads.

Optimized for SEO

These templates allow you to do more than just repurpose and duplicate content; it’s full-on marketing integration. Use these pages in all channels.

B2B Templates

These nine templates are the most common pages on a B2B marketing website, including home page templates, pricing, resources, webinars and more.