Demand Benchmarking:

We specialize in benchmarking the skyrocketing customer acquisition costs of technology companies. We benchmark your marketing programs and technology, to help you better understand where your marketing budget is going. We take a deep dive into your reporting to shed light on the black-box elements of your marketing. Deliverables: Benchmark reports.

Impact: Get clear on cost per opportunity and customer acquisition costs, understand your most and least successful channels and campaigns, campaign ROI.

Demand, ABM and GTM Strategy

We deliver actionable playbooks and strategy to center your go-to-market strategy around modern, efficient demand generation and account-based marketing.  We work cross-functionally to create the cultural change and buy-in necessary to shift your organization account-based or demand marketing approach. Deliverables: Demand marketing and ABM playbook, technology and demand generation plans and strategy.

Impact: Increase your lead to opp rate, increase your deal size, decrease marketing spend, focus GTM teams around a defined strategy.

MarTech Evaluation and Implementation

With over 6,000 vendors to choose from, building an effective and efficient MarTech stack is more challenging than ever. We partner with leading marketing technology providers to help you find optimal MarTech for your organization and objectives. Deliverables: MarTech stack recommendations, implementation, technology training and best practices.

Impact: Faster onboarding and more efficient technology spend.


Demand Orchastration

We move clients from a mess of offer-based, ad hoc campaigns to an always-on, pipeline generating machine. We work with your teams to design, orchestrate and implement demand and account-based programs to drive towards opportunity creation and bookings.

Deliverables: Campaign orchestration, campaign and account-based measurement and reporting, iterative testing.

Impact: Drive down your CPOs and CAC, increase sales velocity, increase lead to opp conversion rates, right-size your marketing spend.


Training and best practices

Best practices aren’t scalable if they aren’t operationalized. Lotus Growth’s Demand Academy trains teams on modern demand generation and ABM best practices to move the team beyond top-of the-funnel reporting metrics to those that impact pipeline. And if you need help finding and evaluating top talent to build your team, we can help with that too.

Deliverables: Training sessions on modern B2B best practices, custom training decs, marketing playbooks

Impact: Increase your team's talent stack and skill set around modern B2B best practices.

Have an urgent problem you need to work on? All of our work is modular and customized to your organizations needs.